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    Calculated dimension based on expression

      Dear all,


      I have some trouble with the methodology of calculated dimension and hope for your support


      I try to create a table which shows only a specific customer group. For that I've defined the expression "Kundenklasse" with this definition: =If([Accumulated Sales] <= A_Perc_Kunde * Sum(Total IstWert),'A',Null()).

      The plan is to see only customers with Kundenklasse A in the table

      To realize that I tried to define the selected Dimension (Customer_ID) as calculated dimension with the following expression: =If([Kundenklasse] = 'A',Customer_ID)

      Unfortunately it doesn't work QlikView highlight the "Kundenklasse" as bad field name and I don't know why or how to solve this problem.

      Does anybody have a clue?



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