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    Steps required to upgrade to QV11



      I want steps that are required to upgrade server from QV 10 to QV11




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          In-order to start the up-gradation activity first stop all the QlikView related services running in the service panel. (You will find 5 services running)

          If you have task setup to reload and distribute the documents, then make sure you have a backup of the QVPR directory. It is located at



          Keep the license serial number, Control number and owner name (which you earlier used to register the QV server, you can find it in QMC) with you.


          Start the installation of new QV server by double clicking on the MSI/Installer, make sure to select "remove previous version" option.

          Access the QlikView Management Console (QMC) and upgrade your license by providing the serial number and control number information. 

             Check User CALs allocated to the end users, reassign if not available. Check all the reports via QV Access Point.