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    GetPossibleCount() != Count of Fields().GetPossibleValues

      I'm having a bit of an issue with a macro that I'm writing.  I'm trying to fetch all possible values for a field so that I can loop through them.  There are about 357 values with my current criteria.  When I use the expression GetPossibleCount(), it returns the proper number of values.  However, when I retrieve a list of the values using GetPossibleValues, I only get 100.  Is there a limit to what Qlikview allows to bring back in a Macro? 


      Here is the code that I am using to test the differences in a macro:


      set keys = ActiveDocument.Fields("Ret_Key").GetPossibleValues


      The first dialog returns 100 while the second 357.  It is the same field.  I would have expected the same response.  Is there a document setting that I need to change?