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    refresh doc through macro after calling batch file

      Hi All,


      I am calling a batch file to reload the document from macro.

      After it is reloaded successfully,

      I want a dialogue box to be displayed saying "Reload Finished" and also execute  ActiveDocument.SetClearState


      This is what I did:


      Sub External

          Set WSHShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

          exitcode=WSHShell.Run("D:\testserver.bat",0,TRUE)---line x //this reloads the doc

              if(exitcode=0) then

           WSHShell.Popup "Reload Finished"


      end if

      End Sub


      But, it is timing out, I think at line x.


      If I give only


      ActiveDocument.SetClearState----this doesn't get executed


      Hence I am not able to see the reloaded data .I have to refresh the doc manually.

      How can I solve this?