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    Management Console on Win8/2012 Start Menu won't display

      I know that QlikView doesn't officially support Win8/2012, but I was wondering if I could get some feedback/suggestions etc on this


      We're doing testing for our own products on these 2 OSes prior to installing at pilot locations wanting to use them.  Our installer (which incorporates v11 SR1) creates a shortcut to the QMC web page in the Start Menu, which Win8/2012 both turn into tiles that appear on the Start Page and All Apps pages.  The problem I'm having is that clicking on the tile causes one of two things to happen:

      1. On Windows 8, IE 10 opens in "Full Mode", and I see the address bar at the bottom with the correct address listed, and just a continuing animated "..." until a message finally appears that the page can't be found
      2. On Windows Server 2012, if I'm logged in as Administrator, Windows pops up a message saying that the built-in Administrator account cannot be used to launch the app.


      However, if I open IE (which brings up the standard browser window) and put in the address, everything works fine.


      Can anyone give some guidance on if there's a fix for this being planned, or if it will be addressed in the next release.