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    Issue with List Box Selection



      I am going mad with this really silly issue I am having with the listbox selection.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I have 2 listbox.

      One with geography hierarchy ( Global--Region---Area---Country) and I have another one which lists the measures.


      The measures are specific to geograhy levels. That is I have Global Measures, Region Measures, Area Measures etc.


      When I select a certain Region, I should get Region specific measures and so on.

      If nothing is selected it should show Global Measures.

      This I have done it using the following in the expression in Measure listbox and it works fine based on what I select in Geography Listbox.


      = if(GetSelectedCount(Country) > 0, if(wildmatch([Measure Name],'*Country*'),[Measure Name]),

         if(GetSelectedCount(Area) > 0, if(WildMatch([Measure Name],'*Area*'),[Measure Name]),

         if(GetSelectedCount(Region) > 0, if(WildMatch([Measure Name],'*Region*'),[Measure Name]),

         if(GetSelectedCount(Region)= 0 and GetSelectedCount(Area)=0 and GetSelectedCount(Country)= 0, if(WildMatch([Measure Name], '*Global*'),[Measure Name],Null())))))



      If I select say Region = Africa I get the Region specific measures in the other listbox. But when I select a Region measure it takes the current selection for all Regions. That is for Ex: Region = Africa, America, Asia etc in the current selections. The original selection for Region =Africa is gone.


      I dont understand why this is happening?

      Is there a way to make sure that the selections made in the geography listbox stays as it is even after selection of the measure?


      Please help.