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    Open files in diferent Qlikview version

      Hello all


      I can only use due to my company restrictions the Qlikview version 9 but I need to open a work some files that were created in the version 11, can someone indicate to me a way to convert the files to the old version.


      Thank you

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          Nagaian Krishnamoorthy

          The Qlikview version 11 Reference Manual states


          QlikView 7.52 and later share the same file format as QlikView 11. Work in these versions in parallel virtually

          without thinking about it. New QlikView 11 document features will of course not work in QlikView

          7.52, 8, 9 or 10 but will be retained even if the document is opened and edited in the earlier version.


          So you should be able to open qvw file created using v11 in v9, but you will not see the v11 features.