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    enable the chart objects in container

    Chellapilla Vinodh



      I am having 2 containers objects, each container having two charts. Now i need the soluation for this ,it is IF I CLICK THE ONE CHART OBJECT IN CONTAINER-1,then AUTOMATICALLY CONTAINER-2 CHART NEEDS TO VISIBLE.    if any one knows pls let me guide me.

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          Unless you really want to use a container you can instead have your 4 charts displayed using Conditional Show on the Layot properties. This could use an expressions such as ShowCharts=A and ShowCharts=B

          You could the add two buttons with the text like 'Show A Charts' and 'Show B Charts', and tell them to set a variable when pressed, under the Actions properties, Add, External, Set Variable, with ShowCharts as the variable and A or B as the value.