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    Strange calendar behavior



      Happy new year to all of you and thank you for the community


      So, at new year, new strange issue.


      I give you below the screenshot of one of my application that give me a strange thing concerning the calendar.


      grab pivot.jpg


      As you can see, I have the first row which is the year of documents on which I do the accounting in the pivot (just a count function), second row is the week, and third is the delivery date.


      So basically, at the end of year 2012, is logical to have week 52 and 1 appearing as we have deliveries on both weeks.


      But it is not logical there because if we refer to the year, we should normally have 2013 for the week 1   The two fields are in the load script : [Entete Année] = Year([Entete Date]) and [Entete semaine] = week([Entete Date])                  where [Enete Date] is the date of documents stored in the DB.


      Any idea ?