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    Can you use Applymap in application syntax? Help with input values.

    Scott Hay

      Hi all


      Hoping for some help on an issue I am having...


      Users are asked to input a start and end date in the format of MMYY into an input box (with predefined values). These input values are then used in a range to sum up values. The problem I face is that the predefined values do not sort correctly and so, for example, if the user inputs a start date of '0312' (to represent March 2012) and an end-date of 0412 (April 2012) the months of 0410 and 0411 are also includes in the sum function.


      Is there a way to apply a map to return a corresponding (sequential) number already in my model that represents the Month¦Year inputted fields for the sum expression?


      The expression I am using is below and the image shows the issue in tabular detail


      I only want the values associated to 0312 and 0412 to be shown in the 'Billing ref' object - and not the additional two lines of 0410 and 0411 - which are incorrectly in the range that the user has entered. By replacing variable with the corresponding '_sequence' field I would resolve my issue. Would apply map work here?


      Any help is appreciated.






      sum({$< _calendarperiod = {">=$(=_vFromPeriod3)<=$(_vToPeriod3)"}>} Billed_Hours  )