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    Shorten Dimension Name In Bar Chart

      Dear Community,


      I have a dimension which has a length of around 150 characters.


      Instead of using the complete name in the dimension label for each bar, I want to be able to use a substring (the first substring or the last substring) in the label for  Dimension in the chart visualization.


      For Example, if the deptname is ADFDFDDFDDFQQ4GR44DFFDFDFEGBJNUDFDFDNIONIN/ADFDFDFI/ADFDADFEBRR7FDFD/DADFWRVDFD, i want the chart to only display (say) its last substring which is 'DADFWRVDFD' and so on for every bar in the dimension.


      Is there anything we can do using aggregate function for the dimension label for the chart or something like that?


      Please find the sample attached.