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    How to assign a variable value to a new field during loading

    steve peroni

      Dear all,

      I've to gather the same information from several DB's. In order to avoid any kind of ambiguity, I would store the DB name into the final table.

      All the tables, are named as Mytabel + Dbname


      FOR i=0 to $(DATA_COUNT)-1

      let DBName=peek('NOME_DB',$(i),'mydblist');

      let nomedb = trim($(DBName));


      load .


      .. all the fields






      What I'm trying is to add a new field like this:




      newfield containing the dbname

      from .....


      But without success. Is it possible to do it ?


      The final table should be like this:


      DBNAME     InvoiceNr.

      AAA               1

      AAA               2

      BBB               1

      BBB               2

      CCC               1

      CCC               2




      Help please


      Thanks in advance for your help