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    Number of employees on Vacation For A Date Period

      Dear Community.


      I want to count  the number of employees on vacation for a given date range.


      My table contains EmployeeID ,vacationStartDate and EndDate.


      I used two inputboxes so that user can select any date ranges from input boxes.

      when a user inputs  a startdate 2013/01/04 and an Enddate 2013/01/05. then i need to see how many employees on vacation during these period date ranges including those employees who took vacaction before this period and have not returned yet.


      Suppose an employeeId 3 is has taken on vacation from 2012/12/1 to 2013/2/10.

      now from input box user has entered the startdate 2013/01/02 and end date 2013/01/10 but since the employee with ID 3 is still on vacation, his count should also be included for the date range entered by user.


      Please find the sample file attached.