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    Qlikview Multi HOP Authentication

      Dear Community.


      I have scenario like these.


      1) Domian controller (WIndows 2003 AD)

      2) Share Ponit( MOSS 2007)

      3) Qlikview server (11 SR2)


      when i try to embeed something on share point to redirect to Qlikview it's asking me to reauthenticate to avoid this i install only  Qlikview webserver on share point server and redirected the URL of Qlikview webserver from share point machine to Qlikview Server.

      Now I'm accessing Qlikview web server as follows,


      http://<IP Address of SharePoint Machine>/Qlikview/index.htm


      it's asking me the credentials till it's  fine, But it's showing message NO SERVER .


      colud some one help me to sort out the issue.