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    selection and dimension

    Jive Admin


      I am new to qlikview ,while reading the documentaion on set analysis I am confused what is the difference between a selection and dimension

      in the below context:

      sum({1} Sales) 

      Returns total sales within the application, "disregarding selections but not

      the dimension."


      Thanks for patience.

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          Vishwaranjan Kumar


          actually dimension means, on which basis you perfor the calculation.

          and selection means on the selection do this work.


          If I've understood what you want, you do it like this:


          sum(total Sales)


          The "total" keyword tells QlikView to disregard all dimension values.  If you need to include some but not all of the dimensions, you list the dimensions you want to include:


          sum(total <Year, Customer> Sales)

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            Mohit Sharma

            in set analysis 1 means selection based on all

            and you shuld try $ sign instead of 1..

            then your answer must be based on selection

            hope it helps

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              Kabilan Kumarasamy



              We have expression  and dimension in chart ryt?


              Dimension like  EmpName


              Expression like Sum({1}Salary)


              Here we have list box Called EmpName,EmpNO, So If we Select any one data from these List box data are reflected to the Chart. Because these two are dimension of the chart


              And we have department listbox(Selection), So if we Select any one data from that List box data are not reflected to the chart. because this is a just selection box. if it may be a dimension of chart the Data will reflect.


              I hope, it helps U...



              Kabilan K