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    If Condition for Multiple Or values in scripting

    Saurabh Pandit

      Hi all,


      I face the following problem.

      I get error for following:

      SAP System:



      //    if([Billing Type]=('F2' or 'ZDOM' or'ZTRD' or'ZTRM' or'ZDEP' or 'ZEOU' or 'ZDEX' or 'ZSEZ' or'ZCON' or 'ZJBW'or 'JOB' or 'ZDR' or'ZPWR' or 'ZSTM'),Domestic,


      //    if([Billing Type]=('ZEXP' or 'ZSEA' or 'ZQT'),Exports)) as Type,


      Can someone let me know the syntax for writing OR inside If statement.