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    Google Maps - Working in different local environments

    N G

      Hi All,

      I think I am missing something basic around using Google Maps. I have used the example QV map ok, added my own Gmap key & it still works fine, but then I save the QVW file and use it within a different enviroment i.e. on a customer site and the map goes white.

      I notes when you get the gmap code there is a bunch of instructions talking about what domain it will work in etc. Is this my problem please?

      If so how do I put a map into a qvw file and make it portable i.e. I can re-use the QVW at different customer sites?


      Thanks in advance


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          Jakob Berglund

          I have sometimes come across this problem if either:

          A) The number of requests per day for your google-key are exceeded

          B) I try to use the map without first reloading the document after reopening (don't know why this happens, should make no difference, but sometimes it works just to reload)

          C) Your request towards google fails based on security restrictions, firewall, port blocking, etc. Make sure to open up for any outgoing requests, and that it does not require login.

          So far I've tried three different environments(work, home, customer) and they wall work fine after adjusting the security settings.