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    Advanced Average Calculation for Multiple Averages

      I have two working "average" calculations I would like to find the average of for forecasting/what-if purposes:


      This first one calculates the average time taken from beginning (add_date) to end (dev_finish_date) in hours. This only calculates completed requests that have a dev_finish_date.



      The second expression calculates the average number of hours all "open" requests have been open. BM09 has '22' selected in the field "app_id", and all but 'Setup Complete' selected in the field "status_name".


      What I would like to do is get an average of the two expressions to illustrate how the remaining requests would affect the overall cycle time if they were all finished sometime today.


      Thanks for your help, and please be patient with my response time after 6PM EST since the next day I'll be in will be next Sunday Jan 13. Any clarification needed, feel free to ask.