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    Error Accessing QlikView WebServer From Another QlikView Server!

      Dear Community.



      1)  I have two different windows server 2003 in the same network.


      2) on First  server(server Name-- Administrator) i have installed Qlikview Server 11 SR2.


      3) on the second server(Server Name --Sharepoint) i have only installed Qlikview webserver.


      4) Now from server i want to access the webserver of the second server.


      5) inorder to perform the above activity i tried the following.


      --> On server i stop the Qlikview webserver service. and the remaining 4 services are up and running.


      -->  then i added the second server webserver in first server as follows.


      ----------------->QMC------> System-->setup--->Qlikview server----> click on the + sign ----> i added the url of the second server as follows.




      so now the URL appearing in Qlikview webserver list.

      i cross check the services in the Status->services-----> QVWS@ running on status running.


      on second server on the following location C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml

      i added the the IP Address of the First server.

      find the attachment of the fille.


      when i try to access the access point in first server it's prompts login page i entered the username and password of the second server.

      it logged in but with the error message NO SERVER


      why i'm getting this error message as such,

      find the attachments.


      so somebody help me to sort out the issue,