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    Null Dimension Problem

      Hello all.


      I have a Pivot Table with 2 Dimensions (first is rows, second is columns) in which I have the "Show All Values" checked in both of them and the "Suppress When Value Is Null" checked only in the second dimension.


      I would expect that It would not show the second dimensions with no value (Null) but it would still show all the values from the first dimension (since I don't have the flag checked) but it hides all the null values (first and second dimensions)!


      How can I pass this bug?



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          Wade Manis

          I don't think you have a bug but a data model challenge.  When I see nulls in my dimensions, I want to know why and if I can't get a reasonable explaination, I go back and figure out the problem with my data model.  Don't hide nulls unless you know why. 

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              In my case, the null values are plausible as the columns corresponds to one of four test results (Very Good, Good, Poor, Very Poor) for a list of students in which there are many that didn't even took the exam but I still want them in the chart (with no value though)...