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    How to Get Rid of Module Security Dialog Box when Exporting to Excel

      How to get rid of  "Change Module Security" Dialog Box , When a User tries to Export chart to Excel using a Button(Runs a Macro) in IE plugin, they need to check the option "Give System Access to Module Script" and some users dont get the dialog box at all and we asked them to click "Ctrl+Shift+M" and check the Give System access option, But it is annoying to Check this option everytime they login.

      I tried the options mentioned in QLikview Forums


      Settings -> DocumentProperties ->Security -> Macro Overide Security is Checked

      Settings -> UserPreferences -> Security ->Module, Launch & Confirm Launch from Macro are Checked


      Qlikview Managemnet Console Server

      Security ->Allow Unsafe Macro Execution on Server & Allow Macro Execution on Server are Checked


      Is there a possible way to Export to excel without checking the Dialog box or CtlShtM