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    Date Range bucket >30 days,>15 days

      Hi Guys:


      i have created a straight table, in which i have listed the Tasks as follows


      Taskid ProjectManager  CreateDate

      1          JEJE                 01/01/2013

      2          KEKE               12/13/2012

      3         SMSM               12/28/2012

      4          NNN                  11/13/2012

      5          BBB                  12/10/2012


      This table can grow very big. With this table,users also want a list box on filter criteria.Within this result set they can filter

      only for Tasks where CeateDate <30 days. Also Tasks where Create Date is <15days


      They want a list box somthing like    <30 days

                                                            < 15 days



      how can achieve this.


      I was checking other discussions on the similar topic on the forum. Looks like i should use interval match.

      Interval match can be used to match dates into Month,Quarter etc.

      Never used interval match before.

      Is that the right approach for my problem and how do i do it.