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    Select Charts At A time Simultaneously

      Hi Friends,


         I need Some Help. My Requirement is I have 4 charts in a sheet. 2 bar charts(1male scores,1 female scores) and 2 pivot tables(1 male scores, 1 female scores). 2 bar charts are placed in one container and 2 pivot tables are placed in one container. if i select male scores bar chart in one container it will select male scores automatically for pivot also. Thats Solve.





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          Michael Anthony

          Don't believe you can do what your trying to.  There isn't any trigger event that occurs to even allow a macro to run.


          As an alternative, what you've described sounds like you've got two charts per gender.  Presumably the charts are the same, except for using an expression or dimension differently.  Could you instead have one Bar and one Pivot chart, and use an input box / variable to allow user to choose whether to show Male or Female and then in the dimension / expression and any title's / captions use an expression to calculate the result for that gender.