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    sales vs targets - giving wrong target values

    Louwrie Terblanche

      Hi All,


      I need urgent help with target figures that is not displaying
      correct figures. I have targets in a file per type , country, product and year
      month and this is also my key to my transactions table where I have sales per



      My problem is when I create a pivot that look at sales for
      the month per  type, country and year it
      pull through the wrong target and the reason being is that if there was not a
      sale for a specific product that day Qlikview does not take that target in consideration.
      It is actually oblivious because product is part of the key to the target file.
      How can I get pass this issue – if I want to look at sales and targets for a
      month per type(Export) country(Namibia) I want to look at total target for
      Export Namibia for month 201301 and not just at the targets of the products
      that there where sales for.



      My expression for my target is sum({<Year Month={"$(=max({<Year Month=>}
      Year Month))"
      }, Type = {'EXPORT'}>}[Target])


      please see my attached excel spreadsheet explanation.


      Much apprecaited