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    Supressing/replacing unwanted calculated %values

      Hi all

      I'm working at a University, where we just got QV. I'm relatively new to the program and have run in to a problem when calculating precentage.


      In a column I want to show "Number of Students" (sum of the variable "Frequency") for each Study, as a percentage of max(year) selected compared to the year before.


      I've done it like this:


      =num ((Sum( {$<Year={$(vYear)}>} Frequency ) - Sum( {$<Year={$(vPrevYear)}>} Frequency ))/
      Sum( {$<Year={$(vPrevYear)}>} Frequency ),'#.##0%')


      It works fine. The only problem I have is, that it caluculates "-100%" when there are zero students in the selected year (because the Study is closed) and at least 1 student the year before. When I sort the data by negativ values, all the closed studies come out on top and I don't want that (they are not that important ).


      The solution for would be to replace the -100% by either a "-" or a text string like "No enrollment the selected Year". Can it be done?


      I apreciate any help you have


      Thanks a lot