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    integrating qvw file with web

    farhan qadri

      Hi all,


      I have developed a qvw file.please suggest me how I can integrate it with asp.net or in any other language in website.


      how we can view the qvw file at web.

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          Generally, to view a QlikView file on the web, a QlikView Server must be available in place.


          QlikView Server comprises of two parts:


          1. Access Point - an interface that enables the QVW to be displayed on browser

          2. Management Console - an interface that allows you to configure things on Server (for example, QlikView Server Configurations including Reload Schedule, Application Distribution to users, etc...)


          Users can then view the QlikView files over a browser, according to their available licenses.


          Hope that helps.





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            Kabilan Kumarasamy



            Do u have QlikOCX Control in Asp.net tool box?


            through this u can view the qvw application in asp.net application.


            And , U can load the qvw document through below command In form load function .


            AxQlikOCX1.OpenDocumentEx("qvp://localhost/Sample.qvw", 1)


            ~Kabilan K