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    Textbox & Table Link

    Stefan van Diepen

      Hello fellow Qlikviewers,


      The below question has been asked by me before on this forum. Someone then offered a workaround, but that wasn't what I was looking for.

      I have once again stumbled upon the same problem, so I thought I'd just try again.


      I have created a text box containing information about a table on my dashboard.

      Now I want this text box to automatically open when I open the table. If I close the table, the text box should close as well.

      So what I am looking for, is that the text box opens when I double-click the minimized table-header, and that the text box will close when I minimize the table by double-clicking the header again...


      Is there a way to 'link' this table and this text box to eachother?


      Thanks in advance!