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    ReloadTime() not getting set?

    Sally Hurley


      I've had complaints about a QVW I have that the ReloadTime() keeps displaying the time *I* last ran the load (before I distributed the QVWs). The QVWs get delivered pretty much empty, and then the user has them loaded in an overnight process that is called with the OCX. Other system variables seem to be fine, but even though the data is clearly updated, the ReloadTime() remains set to the last time I had done the reload while it was under development.


      Heard of this? I can just change it to store the date in my own variable at the end of the run - I was just keen on using system variables where I could.



        • ReloadTime() not getting set?


          I already faced this problem because my code was

          Set MyVariable=releadtime();

          I changed to

          Let MyVariable=releadtime();

          and everything recovered



          • ReloadTime() not getting set?
            Rob Wunderlich

            ReloadTime() returns the end of the *last completed* script execution. It is not reset until the script end. It's not generally useful in the script to reflect anything about the current script run.

            If used directl in the UI, it does show the correct end time. If used in the script, it reflects the end of the *previous* script run.

            Instead of using ReloadTime(), I usually start all my scripts with
            LET SCRIPT_START = now(1);

            And end them with:
            LET LOAD_DURATION = now(1) - SCRIPT_START;