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    How to Calculate Standard Deviation

      Hi all,


      I am having a straight table with

      Dimension as Group and Book

      Expression is sum(Revenue)


      I want to show a stddev value of Group by day

      ex:stdev(aggr(sum(Revenue),Group, Day)

      Another is:


      both value comes correct.


      Work which has to be done is for stdev by book expression in partial sum i want to show the value of stddev of group.

      Please suggest how to acchieve it.



      Group     Book     stdev(aggr(sum(Rev),Group,Day)     stddev(aggr(sum(Rev),Book,Day)

      ---------     -------     ------------------------------------------------     -----------------------------------------------

      Grp1        A          5.9826                                                  2.399

                     B                                                                      2.111

      Total                    5.9826                                                  2.122

      ----------------------     -----------------------------------------------

      Grp2        D          2.8969                                                  3.22

                     E                                                                      4.22

      Total                    2.8969                                                 3.11



      So where the Total is 2.122 for group1 i want 5.9826 but above 2 values as(2.399 & 2.111) should remain in same position.

      same for group 2.


      Please anyone can you suggest me a way how to procced


      Thanks & Regards,