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    How to perfom DMS of Qlikview IIS Server

      Hi Community,



         I am trying to configure DMS on well Set up QlikView IIS Server.


      I step I tryed are as follows:



      1. I invoke Qlikview Management Console

      2. System > Setup > QlikView Server > Security



        Authentication :

             prohibit anonymous

        Anonymous Account

             On Local Computer


           DMS authorization(QlikView Control file Access)


           Allow macro execution on server

           Compress Network Traffic

           Allow Extension


      3. System > Setup > QlikView Server > Qlikview Web Server





             Custom User

                 parameters :

                    prefix : CUSTOM\


         Login Address

            Default login page(browser authentication)



      4. System > Setup > QlikView Server > Directory Service Connectors > DSC@qvs > Custom Directory




          Path : Custom     UserName : Admin       Password : qvadmin    port : 4735



         Custom User

            click on + sign and add 3 users with same password : qvadmin

         Custom User Group

         Group Name : developer 

          And named users 2 from the above created users.


      Even ReStart the Qlikview Services 5 among 6 .


      We have 6 servers because I am using Qlikview IIS server.

      Only Qlikview Web Server is down.



      5. try to invoke Access Point , its pop up login dialog box.


        try to login by

             User Name : CUSTOM\irf

              Password : qvadmin


      the dialog box disapear for few seconds and appears again with username and password in there associated text box


      I am expecting assistance to sort the above scenario.



      Irfan Ghori