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    using 2 expressions with there own dimension in one chart/table

      Good morning,


      I have a problem with dimensions and expressions.

      I have 2 tables with fields:

      Complaints: contains one record for every complaint with a creation_date_year (2007, 2008 etc.).
      Sales_Invoices: countains one record for every sales invoice with a creation_date_year (2007, 2008 etc.).

      There is a connection between Complaint  - Sales_invoices but not always.


      Now i want to make a barchart (and a Pivot table).

      I need 2 expersions with each their own dimension.
      I want to count the complaints (expression) and count them by creation_date_year complaint (dimension)
      I want to sum the invoice amount (expression) and sum them by creation_date_year sales_invoice (dimension)

      I can’t find a way to do this (give an expression their own dimension) in Qlikview. The only thing I have made is the barchart and pivot table with one dimension  (the creation date of the complaint). This is not accurate and some complaints have no link with sales_invoice and there for no year.


      Can anyone help me with this situation?



      Bart Kusters