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    Calculating index in a Line Chart

      Hi all

      I've run in to a problem calculating an index in line charts, where index 100 is the first year selected in my list box containing my variable "Year" (from 2005-2012). 


      I want the index chart to look somewhat like #2 and #3 underneath (#1 is the "normal" line chart), and the index should only be calulated in the selected years (#2 has all years selected, and #3 has 2007-2011 selected). The dots in the index line chart should be calculated like this: (First Year in selection/Year)*100. For example in #3 this means:

           - value for Year "2007": (6333/6333)*100=100

           - value for Year "2008": (6333/5482)*100=87

           - value for Year "2009": (6333/6666)*100=105

      ... and so on.


      Can anyone help me on this one?


      Thanks in advance




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