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    Making the report accessible to end users who don't have qlikview...


      I was wondering if qlikview had the ability to create a weblink for a report, so that I can email a customer a link where he/she can click the link and be taken to the report.


      What we have in mind here is to use qlikview to create our own dashboards.  Id imagine that our direction is not to install qlikview on everyone's computer.  It would be fantastic if I could create the dashboard, and save it on a file share.  Then email our customers a link that contains the file share UNC path with the qlikview file embedded, where it brings up possible internet explorer, and the qlikview report in IE.  He/She would not have qlikview installed, just a view of the report where he/she can slice through the different portions of data.  Or, alternatively, is there a feature to export a qlikview report to some sort of file format, where the end user, who does not have qlikview installed, can still view and slice through the data.