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    Joining Tables

      Hi folks,


      I have the data structure shown in the picture. In green are the connections shown I need so set up.

      I need to connect Werke.wID with {Derivate.wID AND Derivate1.wID AND Derivate2.wID AND Derivate3.wID}.

      Joining the tables will exceed my RAM. Is there a work around?

        • Re: Joining Tables
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Your Werke table has only two fields? Then you could use it as a mapping table and use applymap to add Standort to the four Derivat tables. You will no longer need the Werke table anymore. You can also transform you NAELs table with the crosstable function or a bunch of concatenates to another form so you create a record for each Derivat instead of keeping all four of them in one record. This makes the next step possible. Next concatenate all your Derivat tables into one Derivaten table. The result will look like this:



          You'll only have two tables left, but still all the information.


          The Source field in Derivaten is used to store from which source table the Derivat record came.