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    Hardik Gandhi



      I am using the following Query to generate my desired output in SQL Server. I want to replicate the same model in QlikView:


      The idea behind the below query is to get the Incident Number where the user have created multiple tickets for the same issue in any given month and year.


      Select  ProfileFullName, Subject

        into #Temp1

          FROM Incident

         group by Subject,ProfileFullName

          having COUNT(Subject) > 1;


         select i.ProfileFullName,i.Subject,i.IncidentNumber

          from Incident i

          join #Temp1 t on t.ProfileFullName=i.ProfileFullName and i.Subject=t.Subject

          order by i.ProfileFullName,i.Subject




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          First of all, if you need to get your data from SQL Server, you can simply use the sql statement as is and let SQL Server simply return the results to Qlikview.


          This below puts the burden on Qlikview loading all records from Incident with the second select:



          Select  ProfileFullName, Subject

          FROM Incident

          group by Subject,ProfileFullName

          having COUNT(Subject) > 1;


          inner join   

          Select ProfileFullName, Subject,IncidentNumber

          FROM Incident;


          Personally I'd let SQL Server do the work. That's a lot less data that has to be thrown over the net to Qlikview.