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    Input Box Versus List Box : populating variables from drop downs

      We are using a Input Box as a Drop Down; but when the user clicks on the box it allows them to type into the box.  While it does not take the incorrect entry due to setup, it is still frustrating and confusing for less than savy users; and it makes the drop down arrow disappear.  We are relying on the Input Box to populate a variable to show or hide objects of the sheet.  As far as I understand it, a List Box would be able to be populated and would not allow typing but would not return results back to a variable.  How can I get a Drop Down that disallows typing and populates variables?




      We are using QlikView 10.00.9061.7 SR3 (on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1)  to develop reports that are published in QlikView 9.0 via the QV Publisher on the QV Server to be apart of a web application.  The QVW files get converted to html and that is what the user interacts with.


      QVW Setup:

      We are using a Input Box with a Drop Down List with a Displayed Variable.  In the Constraints we have chosen Predefined Values Only in the Input; Predefined Values in Drop-down in the Value List; Listed Values in the Predefined Values with a ; seperated list.  The variable that gets populated is controlling what elements on the sheet are being hidden or shown.