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    Reload is fast, but Distribution is slow on large QVW

      Hello QlikView Community!!


      Need help understanding how the Distribution Service works.   I have a 2GB QVW file that reloads under 3 minutes.  This is perfectly acceptable for our purpose.  However when the publisher attempts to distributes this file, it takes close to 1 hour to distribute.   Both the Server and the Publisher is on the same Windows 2008 server with 190GB ram (12 core).  I don't believe hardware is the issue.  We have enough memory to support.


      By looking at the log file, it seems as thought the publisher is writing in increments via buffer to upload to a directory on the same physical server (end user document).   If I manually copy and past the 2GB file its very fast,   but letting the publisher do the work, its very slow.


      Could we increase the buffer size and how would I do this?   Any other tips to increase performance of the DistributionService?   I've already set the QV Engine to 9 as recommended.