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    Set Analysis

    Srinivasa Devadiga


      I know I’m making mistake in SetAnalysis not able to figure out how to achieve this


      I need to change font color of text object dynamically  based on List box CalcValue selection ie: if selected 7 from calcValue list box its falls under (Low Value 1 and HighValue 10) in that case need to set textObject calculated font color as RGB(255,0,0) same way if calc value changes color code must change based on low and high val color.

      below is script and i have attached dummy application


      =MaxString({$<ID={'$(=$(v_ID))'},Key={'$(=$(v_Key))'}, type={$(v_Type)}, LowVal={"<=$(v_calcVal)"}, HighVal={">=$(v_calcVal)"}Color)



      Highly appreciate help on this