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    Dimension being sorted by list

    Jareb Patriquin

      Hello All,


      Trying to get a calculated dimension to not be sorted when year on list box is selected. It functions fine in my scatterchart, when viewing everying it shows all I need. But if I have a list box with my Fiscal Years and 2013 is selected, BOOM, it gets sorted by this selection eventhough it has a Fiscal Year =, in the statement. When 2013 is selected it only shows the customers with sales performed in FY 2013, but totals all still good from my rolling 12 month totals.

      Can someone take a look and let me know how I can fix this? Thanks!  Here is the formula in the calculated dimension:


      =aggr(IF(Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]=,Rolling12Mth={1}>}Sales) > $(vSalesMin) and Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]=,Rolling12Mth={1}>}Sales) < $(vSalesMax) and Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]=,Rolling12Mth={1}>}GM)/Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]=,Rolling12Mth={1}>}Sales) < $(vMinGM)/100, [Customer Code]),[Customer Code])



      Thanks a million.