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    How to change a format from timestamp to date

    Michael Ionkin

      Hello community


      I had several problems while cleansing my time fields.


      The solution which worked was:



      Timestamp(alt(num#(Schichtdatum,'#','.',','),Timestamp#(Schichtdatum, 'DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss')))) as Schichtdatum



      In the last step I then created a calender. That worked in the end also fine.


      But when linking my CalDate field with the field from the formula upstaires (Schichtdatum) it happend what should have happened.


      My CalDate (20.12.2012) was only linked to Schichtdatum (20.12.2012 00:00:00 (and not to 20.12.2012 14:00:23 aso)).


      I tried to put Date() around the formula - and voila the Date was shown in the listfield - but unfortunately the format is still timestamp.


      So.. should I try with date#() or sth like makedate() functions or any other ideas?


      Thx in advance