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    Multiboxfield using multiple sources

      Hi all!


      Maybe you could help me with following situation:


      I created a QlikView-Sheet to quickly find corresponding serials for our products (BatchNo <--> Order Number <--> Production lot .....). Unfortunately, one of these numbers  - lets call it "N" - can exist in two independent tables (one from the production and one from service). Therefore I can't be sure if N exits in Table1, Table2 or both.


      For displaying purposes I could resolve this problem by using a statement like =IF(ISNUM(Table1),Table1,Table2). So if I know one of the other numbers, it's no problem to display N.


      But how to proceed in the case, when N is the only known number? Is there a possibility to make one field in my multibox for N, that has a connection to both possible Tables? When using the same expression as mentioned above, I'm able to findGreenshot_2013-01-11_14-49-16.jpg what I'm looking for, but the entered value doesn't show in the Multibox.



      The image to the right shows the actual situation (sorry, that it's in german):


      -) What I described as "N" in the text above is labeled "Fgst-Nummer"

      -) The Table in the middle shows, that the other corresponding serials are found

      -) The two Listboxes at the bottom show the two tables, where this number can exist (in this case only the production guy did his job well )


      As you can see, the Multibox indicates which Value was selected, but doesn't display a distinct value.




      Thanks in advance for any hints.