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    How to join table on two dimensions

      I am a relative new Qlikview developer and looking for a bit of help on a particular problem.


      I am trying to join two tables based on two dimensions, technican and date.   I have a date table that lists all of a technicians jobs completed over a month of time and it includes a TECH ID as well as DATE COMPLETED.   Over a month each technician will have hundreds of completed jobs, each with a unique ID.

      I also have a table with timesheet data.   This timesheet has:

      TECH ID





      In order to accurately count a particular technicians utilization i need to be able to add up the number of jobs a technican completed in a particular day and the divide by the number of productive and overtime hours in that day.


      For a selected Date and tech => count(PCAD)/(sum(Productive Hours)+sum(Overtime Hours))


      I tried to join the tables using Tech ID and Date but am not getting any results for the number of hours.


      I have included an .XLS sheet below with some fake data and my initial .QVW


      Thank you very much