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    Better Calendar User Interface (UI)

      This is a long shot, but just wondering if anyone has a better calendar object available?   I have used the QV calendar (not slider) date picker element.  I have also tried the route of mocking up a calendar UI by using the input and/or text object along wtih the minimed QlikView calendar.   Nether is all that great especially if you are working on a non-white background page.


      So, any other ideas???


      Thanks in advance.

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          Martin FAVIER



          You can use some listboxes for Year, Month and Day.


          To do this, create the following fields like this :

          LOAD ....,

               DateField as Date,

               Year(DateField) as Year,

               Month(DateField) as Month,

               Day(DateField) as Day

          FROM Data.qvd (qvd);

          Hope that helps you


          Martin Favier

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              Thanks for responding.  I thought about that.  To be honest I really want to stick with the basic calendar type object that the vast majority of the public websites in the world use so users will be familiar with the UI.  Not that other options are all that hard, but would really just like to stay consistent with the majority.  Can't believe QV doesn't have better elements for this....maybe in v12......fingers crossed.