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    Find max value of a range time

      Hi All,


      I´m new in the community and to Qlikview and actually I have a problem for which i would appreciate an help.


      In my company they have asked me to create a pivot table in order to control the activity of some working station in a range of time, being precise in last 5 min.


      Till now ihave created the pivot that has as dimensions:


      • Working station
      • Date
      • Range of time



      Here the formula to set the range time



      and the formula for the expression



      Actually my problem is that, for ech day I wanna just show the last 5 minutes of activities and not the entire activity during the day divide by 5 min.


      So in my pivot i would like to show just the MAX value of the time range, as show here below for this day jst the record in yellow



      Can someone help me how can I do it?


      Thanks a lot in advance to everyone.