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    Diffucult Problem in Chart Drawing for me...

      Dear Experts,


      I am posting my sample files...


      mywork.xlsx :  excel file is a small part of Huge DataBase


      test.xlsx : I copied sheet2 (first 2 line) of mywork excel file to "test" excel file to show you what I mean


      test.qvw : QlikView file for test.xlsx


      mywork.qvw : I need a chart in it !!!



      Now, What I want to do,

      I have to use mywork.xlsx file but I didnt success for lay-out like test.qvw. I cant do chart something like this... Expressions and Dimensions is to hard for me using mywork.xlsx


      Also I am sending mywork.qvw file.. Can any body insert a chart like test.qvw to his file...


      With My Best Regards