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    Colouring Specific Months Using Expression in Background Colour

      We have a Straight Chart in horizontal format.  Using expressions we have data rows of inventory data in monthly bucket columns.

      We want to use the background colouring to identify (visual clue) when the freeze fence (lead time) from the current month.



      For example:

      If this was month 6 (June) and the Freeze Fence is 3 months - therefore, the cells in months 6, 7 & 8 should be purple and months 1-5 and 9-12 would remain grey




      Needless to say each SKU will have it's own freeze fence of 0 to whatever so we do not want to colour the header.


      I'm hung up on the IF statement ... currently I have

      if  ((CalMonth) < (FreezeFence), RGB(90,0,150),  RGB(100,100,100) ) 


      Just having a brain fart on the logic - I know I need to add the freeze fence value to the month number less 1, then colour those months purple and the rest gray.


      Please and Thank you in advance!