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    Problem Displaying Pivot Table Dimensions as Columns

    Scott Holcomb

      Hi everyone,


      I have a table that has a variable number of dimensions. The displayed dimensions are controlled by a series of selections that activate the dimensions based on an Enable Conditional.  The table defaults to a Straight Table but can be changed to a Pivot Table through a Fast Change action.


      Ideally I would like the initial presentation of the data in the Pivot Table mode to mirror the Straight Table, i.e. all dimensions shown as columns of data.  Then the users can manipulate the data any way they want.


      When two selections are made, the Pivot Table shows them both as horizontal rows of data.  No matter what I try, they won't display as columns.  If I add a third dimension, each dimension can be manipulated so that they are shown in a column.  Once I remove this third dimension, I can continue to switch the remaining two dimensions between horizontal and vertical presentation.


      Has anyone ever run across this before?


      Thank you,