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    Cleansing Records and AutoNumber (QV Expressor)

      A couple of questions;


      1. Is there a built in function that can add an Autonumber of key to records that are read in  (from any source)?


      • My thought is that I would need to write an expression in a transform to create the value as the records are processed?


      2. When processing records for cleansing I would like to find an effecient way of replacing values in a data set, i.e I have a spreadsheet that contains 100+ attributes and some of the records for each attribute can contain a value (x) which I would liek to replace globallyas the file is read in or processed?


      • I can see that I could just write an expression function in a transform for each attribute to convert the value, however this will be a bit tedious, would another form of script work, ie. datascript to load all values into a datascript table, then do some sort of globaly find/replace?


      Thoughts or suggestions appreciated?




        • Re: Cleansing Records and AutoNumber (QV Expressor)

          For #1, will the utility.sequence function meet your needs?  If so, your code will need to retain each value and after processing all the records save the next value using the utility.store_integer function in the finalize function. Then next time the data flow runs, pick up this value using the utility.retrieve_integer function in the initialize function so the code can set the starting point for utility.sequence.


          For #2, in the Transform operator's function rule transform function, the argument input is already a string indexed table, so you can use the pairs iterator function to view each attribute's value.


          function transform(input)


          for k, v in pairs(input) do

          if v==foo then input[k]=bar end



          return output