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    Suppress the expressions with null value

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a question here.

      I created a Report Dimension, a Report Metric and a Virtual Dates which is also used as dimension. They look like below:

      Dimension Key, Dimension

      01, Product Code

      02, Product Name



      Metric Key, Metric

      01, Sales Amount

      02, Sales Units


      Virtual Dates Key, Virtual Dates

      01, MTD

      02, YTD



      When selecting a single virtual date (MTD), dimension (Product Code) and metric(Sales Amount), the calculation is correct. I got something like

      Product Code  MTD

      101                 $500

      102                 $450


      But when selecting multiple virtual dates (MTD and YTD), I got the result as below:

                             MTD Sales Amount          YTD Sales Amount

      Product Code   MTD          YTD                MTD        YTD

      101                 $500            -                    -             $3500

      102                 $450            -                    -             $3750



      I want to suppress those fields with the '-' symble. Does anyone have any idea how I can do that?


      Thanks in advance,