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    Gap Analysis with a Stacked Bar Chart

      Dear Community,


      I have a problem in creating a Stacked Bar Chart.

      The basics are clear to me, that means I know how to create a Stacked Bar Chart.

      Unfortunately I'm not able to meet my requirement in total.

      Short description of my Problem:

      I have to build up a Chart that compares a actual value with a planned value.

      For example, I need to visit 6 Clients per day and my actual is 4.

      Now I want to show a chart that shows the actual part of the bar in green.

      The part of the missing 2 visits must be displayed in Yellow.

      So everybody can see the gap.

      Furthermore there is another scenario that could happen.

      A person might be able to visit 8/6 clients a day.

      Now the chart should look as the following. The planned area (6) need to be displayed in green.

      The part of the more visits need to be displayed in red.


      I hope you understand my problem.

      I'am looking forward to your comments.